Rubies. 16
They say that diamonds are a girl's best friend, but today rubies seem to fulfil a similar role!

Rubies. 17Rubies have always represented the heart and love. Rubies, being red, represent blood, passion, life and death - no wonder they are so popular!

Rubies. 18With this in mind, I have, for the past few years been building up a collection of Victorian and vintage ruby rings. Most ruby rings have diamonds in them. These add sparkle and glamour.

Rubies. 19Some of the ruby rings I have appear very similar, but each is subtly different in some way.

Rubies. 20The Victorian examples are well constructed and very attractive in design. During that period, gold rings would be hand made or hand finished : the jeweller adding little touches to the gold, to make the finished product more attractive to look at.

Rubies. 21If you see an example which pleases, don't hesitate to email me or call for further details.

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