Fine-Chained Deco Necklaces. 9
One item of jewellery, which is particularly popular at the moment, is the fine-chained deco necklace.

Fine-Chained Deco Necklaces. 10These vintage necklaces, which usually feature a central drop of some sort, were produced from around the 1920s. They come in a wide variety of colours and are usually made of glass and silver or worked brass. The average price of such a necklace is usually between 40 - 60. Less well constructed examples can be less than 40 and those which are more ornate will usually be more than 50.

Fine-Chained Deco Necklaces. 11Fine-chained deco necklaces like the examples in the pictures, make excellent presents for young ladies. Their original use would have been as "sweetheart" presents, perhaps. They were worn at weddings, balls and parties and were a reasonable way of making a statement without spending a fortune!

Fine-Chained Deco Necklaces. 12These necklaces, nicely boxed, make an excellent present for an 18th or 21st birthday; an engagement, a wedding, a school prom or a college ball.

Fine-Chained Deco Necklaces. 13These necklaces are wearable and beautiful and represent a more gentle and genteel age. They make an ideal present for someone you love.

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Fine-Chained Deco Necklaces. 15

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