Clip Earrings. 1
As you can see from this recent photograph taken at the Antiques for Everyone Fair, at the NEC, I have a large collection of vintage clip earrings.

Clip Earrings. 2As those who wear them will know, clip earrings are difficult to find in particular colours, but as you can see, I have made it my personal quest to source as many, and as varied a collection of clips as possible!

Clip Earrings. 3Prices vary, from as little as 8 to over 30 for designer clips, such as those by Trifari or Dior, for example.

Clip Earrings. 4In these pictures, I have grouped clip earrings into attractive groups, to give you an idea of my wide and varied stock of clips.

Clip Earrings. 5If you find yourself wanting to know more about a particular pair of clips, feel free to email or phone me, and I will gladly reply with details as to price and condition.

Clip Earrings. 6Clip earrings are fun and glamorous, so treat yourself to a pair without breaking the bank!

Clip Earrings. 7

Clip Earrings. 8

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